Nhon Ly's tourism potential

Tuesday, 2020-11-10 18:11:12
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As a coastal commune located in the east of the Phuong Mai peninsula of Binh Dinh province, Nhon Ly has a natural area of 12.13 square kilometeres. Nhon Ly’s topography is bordered on one side by the sea and on three sides by mountains and hills, nature here is considered a harmonious combination between blue seas, sandy hills, rocky mountains and beautiful beaches.
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NDO – When one thinks of Nhon Ly, people immediately think of Eo Gio - Ky Co ,two of the most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon. However, few people stay the night to see the peaceful coastal commune of Nhon Ly in the early morning with its peaceful fishing village.

The lifeline is "sunshine, wind and sand" to Nhon Ly. From Quy Nhon city centre, go over Thi Nai bridge, turn left and drive through the sand dunes along Phuong Mai peninsula, after about 20km arriving at the centre of Nhon Ly commune.

With the advantage of a rare landscape and diverse marine ecosystem, Nhon Ly is considered an island paradise in the central region, with some of the most famous landmarks and landscapes in Binh Dinh province such as Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon San, and the Phuong Mai sand hill.
Eo Gio is like a giant crocodile reaching out to the sea, formed from two rugged bow-shaped mountains, embracing a full circle to form a wind-absorbing strait, below lying clear blue water and well preserved coral reefs.
Ky Co has recently developed its tourism industry and has become known as Quy Nhon's most beautiful beach owing to its blue water, fine sand, calm waves and smooth sea, as well as the many wooden bridges reaching out to the sea and its interesting caves and cliffs.

Just to the left of Eo Gio, behind the Ngoc Hoa Monastery is the northern beach, which the local people refer to as Bac beach. This is the North bank of Nhon Ly. The giant sea arc stretches from Eo Gio, extending to Trung Luong.

Statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva – one of the tallest statues in Vietnam located in the precinct of the Ngoc Hoa Monastery

Vessels and boats parked close to Bac beach.

Nhon Ly commune currently has four villages: Ly Chanh, Ly Hoa, Ly Luong and Ly Hung.

Bai Nam, known locally as Bai Nom beach, is the most beautiful place to see the sunrise in Nhon Ly.

The afternoon is the most peaceful period in Bai Nom fishing village.

With the advantage of a beautiful beach, smooth waves and light traffic, Bai Nom beach features quite a lot of friendly and beautiful hotels and homestays at affordable prices.