“Hoa bun” (crateva nurvala flowers) bloom brilliantly in late spring

“Hoa bun” (crateva nurvala flowers) bloom brilliantly in late spring

NDO – During late spring, “hoa bun” (crateva nurvala flowers) bloom brilliantly on several streets in the capital city of Hanoi, especially in Dinh Thon Village, Nam Tu Liem District. (Apr 20, 2020 16:37:32)


“Rice ATMs” to support needy people amidst Covid-19 outbreak

  Apr 13, 2020 17:16:03
NDO – The “rice ATMs” were put into operation in many provinces of Dak Lak, Ca Mau and Binh Thuan, providing people who are living through difficulties due to Covid-19 outbreak. 

Hundreds of people of blood type O and A make donations

  Apr 13, 2020 13:38:36
NDO – Despite rain and cold chill in Hanoi on April 12, hundreds of people of blood type O and A residing in HH Apartment Complex in Hoang Mai District made donations in response to an urgent appeal made by the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT) to call for blood donations of the two types. 

Bach Mai Hospital’s medical staff and patients rejoice as quarantine order lifted

  Apr 12, 2020 12:09:56
NDO – Hundreds of medical staff, patients and their relatives rejoiced happily when the two-week blockade was lifted at midnight on April 12. 

First ‘Rice ATM’ launched in Hanoi to support those in need amid COVID-19 outbreak

  Apr 11, 2020 17:04:01
NDO – The first ‘rice ATM’ was launched in Hanoi on April 11 to provide free rice to those in need amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

High-school students draw paintings on repulsing COVID-19

  Apr 11, 2020 11:46:11
NDO – Students at the Hanoi-based High School of Education Sciences took part in a painting contest on repulsing COVID-19 to share their thoughts and ideas about the fight against the epidemic and encourage the spirit front line medical workers. 

Quiet cherry blossom season around the world

  Apr 10, 2020 11:22:35
NDO – When spring comes, cherry blossoms brighten localities in many countries, including Japan, the US, the Republic of Korea and Germany. However, the destinations which are famous for beautiful cherry blossoms are much quieter than usual due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Heart-warming gifts presented to help disadvantaged people amidst COVID-19 outbreak

  Apr 08, 2020 13:08:00
NDO – The People’s Committee of Truc Bach Ward in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, presented hundreds of gift bags to local disadvantaged people on April 7 to help them overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Hundreds respond to “All-people blood donation day”

  Apr 08, 2020 11:42:58
NDO - Hundreds of people flocked to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion and several blood donation sites in Hanoi to voluntarily donate blood on the “All-people blood donation day” (April 7). 

Changes in mountainous province of Tuyen Quang

  Apr 07, 2020 10:52:46
NDO – Over recent years, Tuyen Quang Province has gained many important achievements in all fields. 

“Special” life of white-shirted soldiers in Bach Mai Hospital

  Apr 01, 2020 17:15:09
NDO – Caring for patients instead of their relatives, hasty meals and quick sleeps at the desk are in these touching images of white-shirted soldiers in Bach Mai Hospital over recent days. 

Hanoi conducts large-scale rapid testing to prevent Covid-19

  Mar 31, 2020 17:38:01
NDO - On the morning of March 31, ten field test stations were set up in various areas in the capital city of Hanoi, using rapid Covid-19 test kits which have been imported from the Republic of Korea (RoK), 

Unique architecture of hundred-year-old wooden cathedral in Kon Tum

  Mar 26, 2020 11:27:37
NDO – Kon Tum’s wooden church, which is considered to be the most beautiful of its kind in the Central Highlands, is an extremely unique religious architecture with over 100 years of history. 

Hoi An ancient town brilliant with yellow Dalbergia tonkinensis flowers

  Mar 25, 2020 16:41:23
NDO – The yellow “sua” (Dalbergia tonkinensis) flowers which bloom brilliantly on the quiet streets have brought a strange beauty to Hoi An’s ancient town. 

Order and peace in Hanoi

  Mar 24, 2020 16:28:35
NDO – Despite the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic and the fact that Hanoi is leading the country with the highest number of infection cases, the capital city’s peace and order has been maintained thanks to the regular and close guidance and the drastic actions of authorities at all levels as well as the people’s unanimity.