Unique architecture of Kon Tum wooden church

Unique architecture of Kon Tum wooden church

NDO - More than 100 years ago, skillful carpenters from Quang Nam, Binh Dinh and Quang Ngai provinces created a unique wooden architectural work, without the use of any nails, in the Central Highland region. (Dec 25, 2020 11:39:45)


Sin Suoi Ho – A land of a thousand splendid suns

  Dec 04, 2020 17:36:11
NDO – At the end of the year, roads from Lai Chau city to Sin Suoi Ho community-based tourism village in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province are covered with wild sunflowers. The sunlight-coloured flowers bloom across the mountain slopes, cheering up the mood of visitors on their journey to the village. 

Spreading power of great national unity bloc

  Dec 04, 2020 17:35:00
NDO – The official session of the second National Congress of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities themed “Under the Party’s glorious flag, all ethnic groups are equal; unite, respect and help each other; and promote their inner strength to develop alongside the country” officially took place on December 4. 

Gorgeous cherry blossoms in Sa Pa town

  Dec 02, 2020 17:30:08
NDO - In early winter, thousands of Japanese cherry blossom trees, nearly 10 years old, shed their leaves. The thousands of red flowers blooming in the middle of the Sa Pa forest have become a tourist attraction, especially with young people who immerse themselves in the sea of beautiful red flowers, mixed with the white clouds and O Long tea hills. 

In a Hue palace, European style meets Asian tradition

  Nov 29, 2020 15:08:02
NDO - With an amalgamation of architectural features from both the east and west, An Dinh Palace once stood out as a magnificent European palace with Vietnamese decoration within a web of monuments criss-crossing the former imperial city of Hue. 

Weather observers work for the most complete and accurate forecast

  Nov 19, 2020 11:25:38
NDO – Despite their crucial role, not everyone is aware the silent dedication of weather observers, who have to overcome many difficulties to fulfil their tasks at work each day. 

Ao Dai – symbolic costume of Vietnamese women

  Nov 18, 2020 16:42:55
NDO - Experiencing the many ups and downs of history, Ao Dai has affirmed its position as a dress that represents Vietnamese costumes as well as containing a long-standing historical and cultural tradition, aesthetic concept and the national spirit of the Vietnamese people. 

Nhon Ly's tourism potential

  Nov 10, 2020 18:11:12
NDO – When one thinks of Nhon Ly, people immediately think of Eo Gio - Ky Co ,two of the most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon. However, few people stay the night to see the peaceful coastal commune of Nhon Ly in the early morning with its peaceful fishing village. 

Flower garden in the clouds

  Nov 10, 2020 11:17:41
NDO – Every year when autumn comes, Ta Chi Nhu Mountain in Tram Tau District, Yen Bai Province, turns into a colourful flower garden. Sitting at a height of 2,979 metres above sea level, the peak of the mountain at that time is fully coated with ‘chi pau’, a wild flower shaded with a blend of pink and lilac colours. 

Night market in Phu Quoc island district

  Nov 03, 2020 16:38:53
NDO - Phu Quoc Island District in Kien Giang province is not only famous for its pristine and poetic beaches but also attracts many tourists thanks to its night market. 

Y Ty’s calm beauty

  Oct 27, 2020 15:31:50
Y Ty is a commune in Bat Xat District, Lao Cai Province, that is considered the beauty of a fairy who just woke up in the mountains and forests of the Northwest. Visiting the commune in any season of the year, visitors can enjoy its attractive beauty. Traveling in the middle of the high mountains with mist spreading everywhere, Y Ty Valley appears out of a fantasy. 

North-western region’s culture and tourism promoted to Hanoians

  Oct 26, 2020 14:30:50
NDO – The unique cultural, tourist and culinary features of the north-western region, especially Son La Province, were promoted to Hanoians and visitors from October 23-25. 

Awakening the potential of “Vinh Long Red Kingdom”

  Oct 22, 2020 16:34:00
NDO - Vinh Long has long been known as the most famous and largest brick production province in the Mekong River Delta region; indeed, the local people called it “red kingdom”. 

Party, State leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

  Oct 20, 2020 16:23:44
NDO – Before the opening of the 10th sitting of the 14th-tenure National Assembly (NA) on the morning of October 20, Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front leaders and NA deputies laid wreaths and paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh. 

Japanese Prime Minister takes morning walk around Hoan Kiem lake

  Oct 20, 2020 15:18:22
NDO – Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide surprised many Hanoians as he took a walk around Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake in Hanoi early in the morning of October 20.