Strengthening people’s confidence in protecting border areas

Thursday, 2020-08-06 17:12:37
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Soldiers from the Ca Xeng Border Post help Ruc ethnic people in central province of Quang Binh harvest rice. (Photo:
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NDO – Member of the Party Central Committee and Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh recently wrote an article in which she underscored the importance of strengthening people’s confidence in protecting and ensuring security in border areas.

Vietnam has a land border of more than 5,032 km, bordering three countries: the People’s Republic of China, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Cambodia; the coast is over 3,260 km long, its sea area is more than 1 million; with 44 centrally-run provinces and cities; 233 provincially-run districts, towns and cities; and 1,084 communes, wards and towns with borders.

Building people’s confidence in the border areas plays a particularly important role and is the foundation for promoting the strength of the great unity bloc of the entire nation, combined with the solidity of the military and foreign affairs to form a solid border defence position, contributing to maintaining political security and social order and safety along the borders, actively participating in building local political bases and helping people reduce poverty, while performing external defence relations activities effectively, improving the ability of the Border Guard forces.

Being aware of the role and importance of border areas and islands, the Party and State have issued and organised a number of specific guidelines and policies to support and develop border areas, therefore, socio-economic development in border areas has witnessed many positive changes.

Along with party committees, local authorities, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass organisations, the Border Guard forces have always upheld the sense of responsibility, overcame all difficulties and excellently fulfilled the task of firmly defending the sacred sovereignty of the Fatherland.

In recent times, along with functional forces, officers and soldiers of the Border Guard have exerted every effort in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The border guard force has intensified its monitoring of the border to stop any illegal entry into Vietnam as well as maintaining regular patrols to guard the country’s national sovereignty and border security.

In the article, the vice president also underscored the need to fully master the situation in key border areas, while forecasting and properly assessing local developments so that the Border Guard Force can successfully handle any unexpected issues to firmly protect the nation’s independence and sovereignty.

Party committees and commanders at all levels in the force should concentrate on leading the force, building toward a revolutionary, elite and modern-equipped Border Guard with qualified officials and soldiers while at the same time ensuring logistics, technical and financial support for Border Guard forces, especially those in charge of disadvantaged and remote areas, while strengthening the inspection, supervision and enforcement of Party discipline and ensuring proper preparations for the National Party Congress at all levels and the Border Guard Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term.