Resolutely eradicating “stagnation virus”

Friday, 2020-08-07 12:59:37
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It is crucial to strengthen the inspection of prevention measures and drive back the “stagnation virus”. (Photo:
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NDO - The important success of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of the year has helped cadres and Party members deeply penetrate into a valuable lesson, that once people see the Party's benefits as their own benefits and the vitality of a person and a family as being closely attached with the fate of the whole community and country, the whole society will unite to overcome all difficulties and challenges.

The reality has confirmed Vietnam 's position in the international arena as well as honoured the creativity and brave spirit of Vietnamese people during their combat against the “hidden enemy” in the context that many countries in the world are still struggling to cope with the pandemic. This is a global battle with complicated developments that always remind us not to be subjective and lack vigilance.

It gives pride that, during the pandemic, under the close leadership of the Party, the drastic administration of the Government and the strong and synchronous participation of the whole political system, Vietnam has gained initial successes in reaching the dual goal of fighting against the epidemic while recovering socio-economic development, gradually stabilising people’s lives. In addition to the implementation of the top-important task, most provinces and cities have successfully organised the Party congresses in most wards and communes and several districts in accordance with the set mission, goal and direction of the Politburo.

However, the “stagnation virus” has revived somewhere after a period of “hiding” and has become a major obstacle that is strongly affecting socio-economic development in many localities and agencies. Although many ministries and agencies have made efforts to create favourable conditions for enterprises through the cut and reduction of hundreds of unnecessary regulations, the discreet and sophisticated harassment and extortion have occurred in many administrative units. Worryingly, several officials, who strongly want to protect their positions in the Party committees, have ignored their subordinates’ negative phenomena. In addition, peers have not pointed out their wrongs to each other. On the other hand, several leaders in the agencies arranged positions for their “close friends” to hide their wrongdoings or polish their names before the National Party Congress. The phenomena of laying the blame on each other, and contending with others for merits are still happening, reducing people’s confidence.

All in all, the above typical phenomena have created the “stagnation virus” that can hinder the progress of society, go against the Party's goals and the people’s interests. They should be promptly detected, prevented and strictly addressed because the Politburo has issued regulations on the responsibility for setting example of officials and Party members and on the control of power in cadre work and anti-running position and running rights. In particlular, Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong has released a very specific direction on the selection of personnel for Party congresses at all levels, towards the 13th National Party Congress, at the national cadre conference in Hanoi in recent May.

Bringing the successful lessons in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus into devising the task of rapidly stabilising and boosting socio-economic activities, the people from all strata have high expectations in supplementing and perfecting the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies and laws in line with current situation. It is also crucial to strengthen the urge and inspection of prevention measures and drive back the “stagnation virus”, creating a new driving force and strength.