Aspirations of the Vietnamese nation in great moment of history

Thursday, 2021-01-28 12:33:20
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Dr. Vo Toan Trung.
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NDO – On the occasion of the 13th National Party Congress, Dr. Vo Toan Trung from Paris, France, wrote an article highlighting Vietnam’s remarkable achievements as well as the significant role of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) in the process of national construction, defence and development.

Nhan Dan Online introduces the full-text as follows:

After the historic moment of reading the Declaration of Independence proclaiming the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Uncle Ho addressed the Government Council on September 3, 1945, stating that it was necessary to develop the morality of diligence, thrift, integrity and righteousness and destroy the enemy of hunger and illiteracy. These are the basic guidelines bringing the country out of poverty and laying the foundation for the building of a wealthy and powerful nation. That policy of Uncle Ho has remained the goal pursued by the Party and State until now.

Since that moment, on the arduous path with two tough resistance wars full of challenges for national independence, Vietnam has come a long way. After the war ended, in a short period of time, Vietnam has achieved many miracles, making itself one of the middle-income countries in the world. The poverty rate has been reduced to below 4% (since 2019). Vietnam has now become a reliable destination for investors worldwide. And there are many other examples regarding Vietnam that have moved the world from one surprise to another.

In the face of the unprecedented challenge when the COVID-19 wave hit the world and rocked many countries and economies, the Party and Government have successfully implemented the fight against the disease. With a high consensus of the whole nation, Vietnam has achieved the miracle of not only keeping the country from being paralyzed by the pandemic but also being among the few nations to maintain economic growth. For Vietnamese expatriates, never before has the thought of “returning to the homeland” been so meaningful. It is truly safe to return to the homeland where the pandemic has been brought under control. It’s wonderful. Many people could not hold back their tears when they set foot on the homeland.

Vietnam’s recent achievements in the COVID-19 fight and economic development have been admired by the world. But the most impressive is the national unity bloc of the entire Vietnamese people. Mutual understanding can only be achieved in difficult circumstances. Not until now could we truly realise how significant the saying “the will of the Party, the heart of the people” is when confronting unprecedented challenges and fighting an invisible enemy.

In the face of such difficult challenges, we can realise that the true strength of our country is the unity of millions as one, as well as the drastic and wise leadership of the Party. This is the miraculous key helping the nation to overcome dangers and steadfastly move forward on the path of national development.

The CPV’s companionship with the nation is the guarantee of Vietnam’s future success in the new era. This has been affirmed through a long journey, from the country’s struggle to end the colonial rule and declare independence to the Doi Moi (Renewal) process that marked the beginning of Vietnam’s rising era.

Consistency in the Party’s leadership guideline and stability in the leadership team, including veteran leaders to ensure the Party’s stability and young, enthusiastic, and talented leaders, are the two decisive factors ensuring the success of the country in the future and sailing the nation through hardships. The spectacular success of poverty reduction efforts in Vietnam and the country’s economic growth over a long period of time have affirmed that choice as correct.

Today, when Vietnam is facing new opportunities and needs to make a sprint to become a prosperous nation, the success of the 13th National Party Congress will be the success of the country, and is trusted by the entire Vietnamese people as a premise to make that dream come true, raising Vietnam into a modern nation standing side by side with great powers around the globe and into a bright new era with the expectation of making the group of leading economies in the world. Whether such a long-standing dream of the Vietnamese nation will come true or not depends largely on the success of the congress.

The COVID-19 challenge is a test for the whole world. Under the impacts of the pandemic, all the solid foundations of many world economies have been shaken. Economic models are changing at unprecedented speed. All must change to survive and develop in a new future.

The uncertainty of the future, the change and the unpredictable factors are emerging as the chance for those who know how to change and take advantage of new opportunities to develop the digital economy – the economy of the future. The necessity of digital transformation is indisputable. An immediate action now is to make use of the time and be more drastic to achieve success. This determination has been clearly shown by the Party and State in recent times.

However, the prerequisite for success is the stability of the country in all aspects such as fighting the pandemic, ensuring social security, and facilitating the building of a knowledge-based economy. The outlined strategies have proven to be the right steps, but we are also aware that there is still a long way to go with multiple challenges.

Whether Vietnam’s next steps can be successful or not depends largely on the success of the 13th Congress in many ways.

I hope that the future team of leaders will consist of members who are loyal to the Party and the country and are always steadfast in the goals set by the Party. That team are the outstanding representatives of the nation to guide the nation through big challenges awaiting ahead in a deeply changing world.

The recent turbulences also remind us to constantly keep vigilant and resolutely prevent uncertainties from happening, because these can push back and even threat the success of the country. Many examples of upheavals in the world have let us thoroughly understand the great significance of social stability in ensuring Vietnam’s stability and economic growth as well as helping the country improve the quality of life. That stability is also a guarantee for a safe and healthy environment for investors around the world to feel secure in investing in Vietnam.

This is also a guideline of the CPV during the process of accompanying the nation in its leadership position as a ruling Party.

I wish the congress will be a great success.

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