Comrade Do Muoi’s university is the reality of life: Prof. Vu Khieu

Sunday, 2018-10-07 17:53:05
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Former Party General Secretary Do Muoi (1917-2018)
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NDO – Throughout his whole life, comrade Do Muoi demonstrated a strong revolutionary enthusiasm and ideal for the cause of liberating the nation from slavery, hunger and misery, wrote Professor and Labour Hero Vu Khieu on former Party General Secretary Do Muoi.

Such enthusiasm was manifested via his acumen to all aspects of life, his rapid resolution of problems and especially flexible and active attitude, said Khieu, who said his revolutionary maturity was closely associated with the former Party chief’s training in the opening days of his accession to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

It was comrade Do Muoi’s deep feelings for the revolutionary cause and sincere love for the people that made both his work and words always persuasive. Khieu said he had been touched to see everybody cry as comrade Do Muoi talked about the crime of the enemy, the suffering of the people, and the sacrifice of communists. From those days, the Labour Hero recognised comrade Do Muoi’s eloquence, which was not only his manner of speaking but also stemmed from his burning feelings.

It was known to Khieu later that when serving as Vice Chairman and then Chairman of the Council of Ministers and General Secretary of the CPV Central Committee, comrade Do Muoi had convinced everyone via his simple and meaningful words in many meetings with international guests and diplomatic corps. The former Party leader often highlighted the spirit of humanism and used Vietnam’s noble traditions to persuade those sitting opposite and expand multilateral relations with all of the peace-loving countries througout the world.

Vu Khieu expressed his admiration for comrade Do Muoi’s fondness for learning. According to the professor, comrade Do Muoi possessed all the three types of knowledge – born to know, learn to know and difficult to know- as referred to by Confucius. He was not only an intelligent and sensitive person to all problems, but also an experienced person in life and in battle. Maxim Gorky, a Russian and Soviet writer, wrote in his book “My University” that he became a great writer thanks to what he had learnt from a life of hardships and difficulties. The university of comrade Do Muoi was the life of his own and also the revolutionary reality that he had gone through. Being born and growing up in a poor family with many children and under feudal-colonial oppression, comrade Do Muoi did not have much opportunity to learn. But joining the revolution very early (1936) and being imprisoned in Hoa Lo prison until the initial uprising days, he escaped from prison to join the revolutionary operations. It was the brutality of French colonialism and Japanese fascism plus two million people who starved to death in 1945 that consolidated comrade Do Muoi’s revolutionary spirit and enhanced his level of knowledge.

Comrade Do Muoi also had a passionate self-study spirit via books. From the very beginning of the revolution, he always had a book in his bag and had a habit of reading a book in his pleasure time and even at night. He underlined or took note of the passages which he considered important. There is a library in his house at present consisting of both the books he collected and newly bought ones. Prof. Vu Khieu said he presented comrade Do Muoi with two books, “Heroes and artists” and “Vietnamese intellectuals through historical periods”, in 1975, which only took the former Party chief one month to read despite their thickness. Talking with Khieu later, comrade Do Muoi mentioned the well-written passages in those books and contributed ideas to the poorly written ones. Following years of unceasing and tireless self-study, he had reached a high and comprehensive level of understanding.

With such a huge source of knowledge, comrade Do Muoi successfully accomplished various tasks assigned to him by the Party and the State, ranging from the urgent activities in mobilising the general uprising to the post of Party committee secretary in many provinces during the resistance war. In government work, he underwent an array of positions, such as deputy minister, minister, head of the government’s inspectorate delegation, chairman of the State Pricing Committee, and chairman of the Council of Ministers. His colorful life full of difficulties and hardships, together with the spirit of life-long learning and an intelligent mind, are the full university of comrade Do Muoi that not many people have.

According to Prof. Vu Khieu, comrade Do Muoi always sincerely loved and cared for the brothers, comrades and officials surrounding him. He cared for each person and understood their difficulties in both their private life and work. The former Party leader paid constant attention to the younger generations and soon realised moral and talented people to train and promote them. That is why those who had years of being close to and working with comrade Do Muoi all trusted and loved him. Prof. Vu Khieu said that as for him and others, comrade Do Muoi is forever a shining example of a true communist.