Creating funding for humanitarian TV show

Thursday, 2020-07-16 17:34:44
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At an edition of the programme "As if separation never existed" (Credit: The programme's organising board)
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NDO – In recent days, information related to the postponement of the TV show “Nhu chua he co cuoc chia ly” (As if separation never existed) has attracted a great attention from the public.

Over the past 13 years of its broadcasting, the programme has brought unforgettable emotions to audiences as a bridge foremotional reunions between those who it seemed impossible would meet again.

The meticulousness and seriousness during the implementation process as well as the spirit of community connection and deep human values has helped “As if separation never existed” become a humanitarian programme with a strong brand on Vietnam Television. Therefore, its postponement has made television viewers feel a great sense of regret. However, it is worth mentioning that the reason for the programme’s endingwas not the lack of people who desire to find their lost relativesbut the exhaustion of funding.

This fact has made many people question have community-oriented programmes with deep human values not received the pertinent level of attention? It is easily to see the difference insponsors’ investment into game shows relative to these programmes. Game shows have always been considered asattractive “lands” for many brands because they are broadcastedat prime time. As a result, they have attracted great attention from young audiences.

Meanwhile, humanitarian programmes have required meticulous investment but they have focused on audiences who were not considered potential customers for the enterprises. Therefore, it was difficult to attract advertisement and sponsorship. And of course, it was inevitable broadcasters would prioritise the gameshows. The final goal and task of television in particular and the media in general is after all the expression of diverse topics, in terms of humanity and education. Therefore, it is crucial to calculate how to promote community-oriented programmes. First of all, the programmers should change the way they raisefunds instead of relying only on revenue from advertisements.

It is known that after sending a message “calling for help”, the organising board of the programme “As if separation never existed” received much enthusiastic support from community.Many artists, such as singer Ha Anh Tuan, MC Phan Anh and comic actress Viet Huong, made great contributions and mobilised sponsors. Many TV viewers in the country and abroad expressed their aspiration to form a separate fund for the programme. “As if separation never existed” is not only a television programme but also a social resource with many stages, from information verification, finding relatives and reunion. Therefore, the seeking of funds for these activities through the invitation of sponsors sometimes creates difficulties in the implementation process.

A representative from the programme’s crew said it is possible to form a separate account to receive long-term support from the community, thereby helping the programme become a social activity that operates by itself. This is a suggestion for charityprogrammes to change their way of maintaining funding for their implementation. Of course, in order to attract attention from viewers across different generations, programmers should be more active in spreading their attraction and effects via many channels. In several countries, television programmes aimed at community and humanity receive the greatest attention from the administrations that are considered as the most important potential support for them.