Storm Talas leaves path of destruction in Vietnam’s central provinces

Monday, 2017-07-17 17:37:02
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Trees in the central city of Vinh were brought down by the storm.
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NDO - Tropical storm Talas, the second storm to hit Vietnam this year, has sunken dozens of fishing boats, brought down trees, disrupted power supply, damaged crops and caused several injuries after the storm landed in the central region.

In Quang Binh province, tens of fishing boats docked at Hon La Port sank or washed ashore when strong gusting winds and huge waves as high as 5 metres broke anchor cables. Seven people have reportedly been injured.

In Nghe An province’s capital city of Vinh, trees were uprooted and electricity poles were knocked down, causing widespread outage throughout the city after heavy rains and winds on Sunday evening.

Earlier, a boat carrying eight officials of the national weather service, who had travelled to Dao Ngu Island to install weather monitoring devices, were rescued by the provincial border guards after their boat stopped working while trying to escape from the storm.

In another development, coast guards and other forces successfully rescued six sailors and recovered one body drifting on the sea thought to be from cargo ship VTB 26, which docked at Dao Ngu but was sunk by the storm.

Following the incident, Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung called for the mobilisation of all forces and means to search for and rescue other members of the distressed ship.

In Ha Tinh province, no injuries have been reported but Talas has caused one house and 45 makeshift stalls to collapse as well as blew away the roofs of 31 houses, four schools and one local government building.

The province also reported four sunken fishing boats and nearly one thousand submerged hectares of rice and other crops.

In the capital of Hanoi, though not directly hit by the storm, torrential rains on July 17 triggered by Talas has flooded many streets and disrupted north-south train services, leaving more than 4,000 passengers stranded.

Railway services between Hanoi and Vinh have been cancelled while trains from Hanoi to Saigon have been delayed by five to seven hours.

In the aftermath of the storm, Deputy PM Dung urged provincial authorities to immediately provide assistance to those affected by the storm, help people repair their houses and clean up any damage to the environment.

He also called for continued evacuation of those living in areas prone to flash floods and landslides.

Boats are sunk or washed ashore by tropical storm Talas.

An uprooted tree in Vinh

A flooded street in Hanoi