Hanoi to host first regional geological and energy congress

Wednesday, 2018-10-03 16:50:05
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Experts survey a system of volcanic caves formed in basalt rocks in Krong No district, Dak Nong province, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.
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NDO – The Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will host the 15th Regional Congress on Geology, Mineral and Energy Resources of Southeast Asia (GEOSEA 15), scheduled to be held in Hanoi, from October 16 to 17.

The first GEOSEA congress held by Vietnam is expected to bring together 500 participants, including representatives of State management agencies, research institutes, universities and geological and mineral enterprises, as well as experts in the fields of geology and minerals from the ASEAN countries.

According to the ministry, the event will also attract prestigious international scientists from developed countries, such as the US, Germany, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Canada and China.

It aims to enhance the cooperation and sharing of information and experience on geological research, and the exploration and exploitation of minerals and energy resources in Southeast Asia, with the relevant international organisations.

Delegates at the two-day congress will discuss a series of scientific topics, including Paleontology-Stratigraphy-Sedimentology; Mineralogy-Geochemistry; Metamorphic-Magmatic Petrology; Marine Geology; Geophysics; Structural Geology-Tectonics-Metallogeny; Mineral Resources and Mining Industry; Energy Resources and Development; Hydrogeology, Water Resources and Management; Environmental Geology-Geological Heritage, Geopark; Geo-Engineering and Urban Geology; and Climate Change and Geo-Hazards.

The inaugural GEOSEA was held at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1972, by the four co-founding institutions, namely the Geological Society of Malaysia, Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia, the Geological Society of the Philippines, and the Geological Society of Thailand. Since then, all 11 ASEAN countries have joined GEOSEA and each co-founding institution has taken turn to host the GEOSEA on a rotational basis.

Vietnam joined the GEOSEA in 1978.