Vietnam performs first successful one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgery in the world

Tuesday, 2018-10-02 16:28:43
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Doctors are performing the one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgical technique on a patient. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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NDO – The Hanoi-based National Hospital of Endocrinology (NHE) says that it has successfully applied the one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgery technique, making it the first time that such a technique has been successfully applied in the world.

The new technique was directly researched and invented by Doctor Phan Hoang Hiep, director of the NHE’s high-tech treatment department.

According to Hiep, with the one-hole endoscopic thyroidectomy technique, the surgeon only needs to make a 2-3cm cut under the armpit and then use the one-hole endoscope as in conventional abdominal laparoscopy.

“However, because the surgical site in the thyroid is dissimilar to that in the abdomen, we have renovated the one-hole trocar following the NHE’s technique, using both the one-hole and normal endoscopes to make the lumpectomy process easier,” he said.

The one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgery technique has many advantages.

The biggest advantage of the one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgery technique is its high level of aesthetics due to the use of a single hole made in the armpit, cut without hurting other sites. In addition to its safety and high efficiency in treatment, the technique is simple and easily applied, ensuring the removal of the sick organisms as directed.

The NHE performed its first one-hole endoscopic thyroid surgery on August 1, 2018, and so far the hospital has successfully performed this technique on 16 patients, without any cases reporting strokes or complications. All of the patients expressed satisfaction with this method after their surgeries.