Vietnam to announce six more cases of cured Covid-19

Tuesday, 2020-02-18 09:33:48
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Three Covid-19 patients discharged from the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi on February 10, 2020. (Photo: NDO/Lam Ngoc)
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NDO – Six more patients infected with Covid-19 (coronavirus pneumonia) are expected to be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday (February 18), bringing the total number of patients cured from the deadly virus in Vietnam to 13 out of 16 confirmed cases.

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The information was announced by the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on Monday afternoon. It said that as of 17:00 on February 17, the country had detected 16 infection cases, with seven patients having been cured and discharged, while nine others are receiving isolated treatment in medical facilities.

Of these nine patients, six displayed negative results when they were tested for the second time, as of February 17, signalling that they will soon be announced free from the coronavirus. They include two patients being treated at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases at Kim Chung Base in Hanoi’s Dong Anh District and four patients at the Medical Centre of Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province.

The remaining three patients are still receiving intensive care, with a three-month-old baby being treated at the National Hospital of Paediatrics who had a first negative test result on February 14. The baby will have a second test on Tuesday, and the mother has also shown negative test results.

A patient being treated at the Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City tested negative for the third time but due to another disease, he is continuing to receive treatment. The latest case to be confirmed positive for Covid-19, on February 13, is being treated in Binh Xuyen District and is waiting for test results.

All of these patients are currently in stable health and will continue to be monitored and will be discharged when their tests show negative results at least twice.

From February 13 until now, Vietnam has not detected any new Covid-19 infection cases.

* According to Deputy Director of Administration of Medical Examination (under the Ministry of Health (MoH), Nguyen Trong Khoa, a special working mission from the ministry is conducting health examination and screening of suspected patients, providing the best care for local people in Son Loi Commune, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province.

The commune reported the highest Covid-19 cases in Vietnam with six confirmed cases so far. From the morning of February 13, the local authorities started to blockade the entire commune for 21 days (from February 13 to March 3) to localise and suppress Covid-19. During the period, the provincial police will arrange forces to prevent people from entering or exiting the commune, which is home to over 11,000 people.

Sharing with Nhan Dan Online on Tuesday afternoon, Khoa said that the main task of his team in Son Loi is to provide medical examination and treatment for local people, while transferring suspected cases to isolation areas if needed. Khoa also added that most of the local people come to visit for examining of common diseases.

The National Lung Hospital sends a mobile digital X-ray vehicle to Son Loi Commune Health Station in Vinh Phuc Province’s Binh Xuyen District. (Photo: NDO/Duc Tung)

* In order to join hands with Vinh Phuc in the prevention and control of Covid-19, on February 17, the province continued to receive necessary necessities and medical equipment donated from various units and agencies. Tens of thousands of medical masks, medicines, bottles of hand sanitisers, chemicals, soaps and other necessities have been delivered to various localities across Vinh Phuc.

At the Son Loi Commune Health Station in Binh Xuyen District, the National Lung Hospital has dispatched a mobile X-ray vehicle for medical examination in the area, which is expected to boost the detection of lung damage early to have the most effective treatment options for local people. The hospital also supports Binh Xuyen District with a lot of posters on the prevention and control of Covid-19.

* On Monday, the Department of Health of Thanh Hoa Province said that three local district hospitals, in the districts of Hau Loc, Muong Lat and Hoang Hoa, have isolated and are monitoring six local patients and people returning to their hometowns from epidemic areas.

An additional 75 people exposed to suspected Covid-19 infections are also under surveillance, while guidance on isolation has been provided to 512 people at their homes and 83 others in their enterprises. Body temperature and health checks have been carried out for 1,594 people through Na Meo International Border Gate and Tho Xuan Airport.

With the aim of early detection to not to let the epidemic spread, Thanh Hoa has promoted communications work and offered instructed on disinfection and personal hygiene to prevent and control diseases.

Youths of Thanh Hoa Province’s Nga Son District provide free medical masks to local people on February 17, 2020. (Photo: NDO/Mai Luan)

On the same day, Nga Son District youth agencies distributed 3,000 free medical masks to patients being treated at Nga Son District General Hospital, as well as to local people. The local youths and health workers also instructed them to use dry antiseptic water and use face masks properly, in addition to distributing leaflets on how to prevent and control Covid-19.

* According to the MoH’s infectious disease surveillance system, up until 10:30 am on February 18, the world has recorded 73,333 cases of Covid-19 infection, of which 72,359 cases and 1,868 deaths have been recorded in mainland China.