US CDC commits US$3.9 million to COVID-19 fight in Vietnam

Thursday, 2020-05-21 17:07:50
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The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the flagship agency for the nation's public health. (Photo: Reuters)
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NDO – The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 21 committed an initial sum of US$3.9 million for activities concerning COVID-19 in Vietnam to support the work of preventing, preparing for and responding to the pandemic.

These initial resources are being used to conduct SARS-CoV-2 testing, field investigation, surveillance, data analysis and infection control.

Health cooperation between the US and Vietnam has been the foundation for bilateral cooperation since 1998 when the US CDC cooperated with Vietnam to build effective and sustainable public health systems, strengthen long-term public health capacity, and protect the health of Vietnamese and US people. Thanks to such longstanding cooperation, Vietnam has now been at the forefront of global efforts to prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19.

The US CDC has partnered with Vietnam to enhance capacity across four essential areas, including surveillance systems to quickly detect outbreaks before they spread widely, a laboratory network to accurately diagnose diseases and identify new pathogens, building capacity for frontline medical workforce to detect, track and prevent outbreaks, and emergency centres to effectively coordinate response efforts in case of risks.

So far this year, the US CDC has assisted Vietnam in preparing and responding to COVID-19 through providing direct technical assistance for emergency response activities, transport of samples, testing, disease surveillance, infection prevention and control, and risk communication. The US agency has worked with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and trained epidemiologists (disease detectives) to investigate outbreaks in order to collect, analyse and interpret data and to contribute to making evidence-based decisions.

Moreover, the US CDC has offered training on infection control, contact tracing, testing and quality assurance, and assisted in the development of national guidelines and processes in the areas of infection control and preparing for health facilities to monitor, test and maintain HIV treatment in the context of COVID-19.

The objective of the US CDC’s global health response to COVID-19 is to limit human-to-human transmission and minimise the pandemic’s global impact through fostering cooperation with key countries and non-governmental partners to alleviate vulnerability and shortcomings in preparations. The US Congress has approved US$300 million for the US CDC’s global response activities to COVID-19.