Conjoining nation’s jubilation

Wednesday, 2015-09-02 07:49:43
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An OV delegation visits the Presidential Palace.
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NDO – In the jubilant and proud atmosphere of the 70th anniversary of the August Revolution and Vietnamese National Day, representatives of overseas Vietnamese (OV) from over ten nations and territories returned to the motherland, joining the nation with love for the homeland and pride for the country’s heroic history of resistance.

The delegates, representing over 4.5 million OV living and studying abroad, are individuals who have made active contributions to the OV community. Therese Nguyen Van Ky, an over 80 year-old doctor and former President of the Vietnamese Association in France, could not help being moved and proud of the homeland’s development. She said that she has returned to Vietnam on National Day many times, but felt extremely happy that this time the country is celebrating the 70th anniversary.

Doan Van Vien from the OV Association in Angola also expressed his honour for representing thousands of OVs in the African country to return to the motherland on this occasion. He was moved by the attention of Party and State leaders, which helped him further understand the country’s situation and deepen his love for the motherland.

Among the delegates were many old people with engraved memories of the nation’s heroic history. Ky recalled the heated atmosphere in France 70 years ago as the patriotic OV group in France regularly held demonstrations to end the war in Vietnam and call upon support to anti-war movements among OVs. Directly taking care of the Vietnamese delegation negotiating the 1973 Paris Peace Accords in France, she bore in mind such leaders as Xuan Thuy, Nguyen Thi Binh and Le Duc Tho. She recounted her welling emotion when seeing the national flag in the streets of Paris during the negotiating delegation’s stay. Ky was presented the French National Order of Merit, third class for her contributions to strengthening Vietnam-France relations.

Dao Viet Bay, an OV returning from Thailand, fondly recalled his memories from the 1940s when OV groups in Thailand firmly held on to supports to the country’s resistant war against the French colonialism. Many OVs donated money to feed the troops and buy weapons, volunteered to be messengers and secretly organised Vietnamese classes to foster patriotism.

At activities during their return, the delegates shared their concerns on how to nourish love for the motherland and maintain the national tradition of gratitude among younger generations.

According to Chairman of the OV Association in Laos, Nguyen Duy Trung, young Vietnamese people in Laos are increasingly dynamic and have integrated well into the host country’s native culture. The association has tried to maintain Vietnamese teaching and learning in the OV community to preserve national identity. The Nguyen Du Vietnam-Lao Bilingual School was established as agreed by the two governments of Vietnam and Laos to facilitate OVs’ Vietnamese learning and use.

Doan Van Vien said that OVs in Angola in particular and Africa in general want to have further information channels to be updated effectively on the motherland’s situation, especially during the nation’s important events. In addition, a network of OVs in different countries should be set up in order to boost exchanges and experience sharing in organising activities to foster patriotism and the spirit of national unity.