Da Nang, transport ministry lead nation in administrative reform

Friday, 2015-09-04 22:53:18
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NDO/VNA – The central city of Da Nang and the Ministry of Transport took the lead in the Public Administrative Reform Index (PAR INDEX) 2014 for the second consecutive year, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced at a conference in Hanoi on September 4.  

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the northern province of Bac Kan ranked at the bottom of the list, replacing the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs and the northern province of Son La.

The 2014 average PAR INDEX of 19 ministries and ministerial-level agencies was 76.99 percent, higher than the overall score of 2012 but lower than 2013’s effort.

Five ministries and ministerial-level agencies fulfilling over 80 percent of the reform completion criteria are the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Ministry of Transport ranked first with 81.83 percent while the Ministry of Science and Technology came in last with 71 percent.

The Ministries of Finance, Planning & Investment, Natural Resources & the Environment and Construction recorded positive outcomes in administrative management and reforms in customs, taxes, business, investments and construction, which contributed to improving their overall rankings.

The average PAR INDEX of cities and provinces in 2014 was 81.21 percent, higher than that of 2012 and 2013.

The central city of Da Nang continues to top the list with 92.54 percent, 1.44 times the PAR INDEX of northern Bac Kan province – which came in last out of the 63 cities and provinces.

The northern port city of Hai Phong and the capital city of Hanoi were the runner-ups, fulfilling over 91 percent of the reform completion criteria.

The number of cities and provinces with PAR INDEXs of 80 percent and above in 2014, reached 44, doubling 2013’s figure.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Tran Anh Tuan said the ministry will measure the satisfaction of locals with the operation of administrative offices to improve the PAR INDEX.

The ministry suggested other ministries, ministerial-level agencies and localities further enhance measures to address shortcomings in the field and improve the PAR INDEX moving forward, Tuan added.