Vietnam’s population to reach 104 million by 2030

Wednesday, 2019-11-27 14:14:02
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Illustrative image (Photo: Dan tri)
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NDO – The Vietnam’s population is projected to reach 104 million by 2030 according to the Vietnam Population Strategy recently approved by the Prime Minister.

The strategy aims to maintain the replacement fertility (each woman of childbearing age has 2.1 children) while reducing the fertility gap between regions and subjects.

Vietnam also expects to have an average life expectancy of 75 years with a minimum healthy life of 68 years.

The country will bring the gender (at birth) ratio to the natural balance and maintain a reasonable age structure. Specifically, the percentage of children under 15 years old will be 22%, the percentage of elderly people aged from 65 and older will be 11%, and the age dependency ratio will be 49% of the national population.

Under the strategy, the average male height is expected to reach 1.685m and the female height is anticipated to reach 1.575 m by 2030.

Vietnam also hopes to have its Human Development Index (HDI) among the top four leading countries in Southeast Asia.

In addition, the country aims to improve the quality of the population, promote rational population distribution and effectively take advantage of the golden population structure while adapting to population aging.

According to the results of the 2019 population and housing census, Vietnam's population was 96.2 million as of April 2019, ranking third in Southeast Asia and 15th in the world.