Trust and hope bestowed on Party and Government to overcome challenges of COVID-19

Wednesday, 2020-04-01 17:15:16
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The entire Vietnamese nation must join hands and stay united to overcome all difficulties and challenges and to stamp out the COVID-19 epidemic. (Illustrated by KAA Illustration)
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NDO – Such catchy slogans as “fighting the pandemic is like fighting the enemy” and “each citizen must be a soldier in the battlefield against the disease” have become popular amongst the public over the past two months, as have images of Party and Government leaders busy with urgent meetings and conferences on COVID-19 prevention and control.

The war against COVID-19 disease – a “non-traditional” enemy has entered a tougher phase. In countries and territories which have seen a rapid increase in the number of infected people, this period is a test of the patriotism and solidarity of their people as well as the sustainability of their institutions.

The fierceness is not only seen through the number of deaths but also lies in social consequences, global economic recession and people's livelihood. The destruction of COVID-19 is also to be found in the collapse of trust, social cohesion, panic, confusion, and the awareness of every human being in the society.

In such fierce battle, what if the Party and State had not taken drastic measures, placed people’s health and life first, and put forward sound guidelines? What if the entire nation doesn’t stand together and citizens do not take responsibility? It will be a tragedy which could lead to many tremendously devastating economic and social consequences.

Being aware of the huge challenges posed by COVID-19, the Vietnamese Party General Secretary and President on March 30 appealed to compatriots, comrades and soldiers nationwide and overseas Vietnamese to stay united in their will and actions with the Party and State in the fight against the global pandemic.

The call was made in the wake of the rapid spread of the disease, urging all Vietnamese people to unite as one to fight against a non-traditional enemy in a war without bombs but full of unpredictable dangers.

All-out resources have been mobilised in the battle while a plan for the post-pandemic recovery is being prepared to help the country get back on track and help its people overcome their difficulties.

Patriotism, solidarity and consensus have built up Vietnam’s strength, which were summoned up to fight against foreign invaders and gain our national independence and freedom. These feats of strength have motivated us in the battle against COVID-19, a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Vietnam’s COVID-19 response efforts have been lauded by the World Health Organisation and other international organisations.

The Vietnamese Party General Secretary and President has emphasised that as an active and responsible member of the international community, Vietnam is making all-out efforts and cooperating and coordinating with other countries, especially those hard hit by the pandemic. In the current context, global solidarity and coordination is a firm foundation for the world’s ultimate victory against the pandemic, he stated.

Following the Party General Secretary and State President’s call, it is believed that the entire Party, army and people will continue upholding the country’s revolutionary tradition and work side by side to realise the Government’s solutions and determination in the fight against COVID-19.

Despite difficulties and challenges ahead, people have put their trust in the Party’s clear-sighted leadership and the Government’s sound directions, vowing to join hands and stay united to stamp out the epidemic.

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