Vietnamese medical staff never flinch in the face of difficulties

Friday, 2020-04-03 16:44:04
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Hanoi's authorities grant donations to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases. (Photo:
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NDO – An unexpected incident for the health sector has occurred during the fight against Covid-19 pandemic as four medical workers, including two nurses from Bach Mai Hospital and two doctors from the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, have tested positive for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Medical staff are always the most at risk of infection. Many instructions were sent to doctors and nurses. In addition, many practical activities have been conducted to show the community’s companionship with the white-shirted soldiers on the front lines, such as the donation of protective equipment (clothes, alcohol-based hand sanitiser, gloves, face masks, hats and glasses), even food (such as rice, meat and fish). In the context of the complicated developments of the epidemic, the physicians are not alone in the battle with the dangerous disease.

The incident of four infected medical workers has not made the physicians flinch. They will always be willing to appear at the front line during the fight against the epidemic. After being determined to contain outbreaks and also completely isolated, the spirit of all medical staff in Bach Mai Hospital has not wavered. They volunteered to stay in the hospital to treat and care for seriously ill patients. With the experience and qualifications of the Vietnamese health sector as well as their knowledge of SARS-CoV-2, there is a belief that all infected people can be cured. Many doctors also expressed their belief that their colleagues will soon recover and return to their work. A doctor said: “We are not only physicians but also soldiers”.

The fight against Covid-19 is entering a new phase, containing numerous difficulties and challenges for the country and its health sector. This phase requires greater efforts and determination as well as the consensus of both the political system and the people. This is also a time when medical workers expect the support of the community. The people’s respect and love will empower them to stand firm on the front line of the battle against the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has launched a special emulation movement, calling for individuals and collectives in the sector to uphold patriotism and solidarity to win the fight against the pandemic. In addition, all forces, from the state and private healthcare systems to medical militia and retired medical workers, have been mobilised to proactively participate in Covid-19 prevention and control. This most dangerous pandemic is expected to be soon under control thanks to the consensus of the entire political system, the people and the dedication of the physicians.