Memorial tablet for Emperor Ham Nghi installed in Quang Tri

Monday, 2020-07-13 12:30:49
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The ceremony to install Emperor Ham Nghi's memorial tablet at the Tan So Citadel (Photo: VNA)
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NDO - A memorial tablet for the Nguyen Emperor Ham Nghi was moved from the The Mieu Temple in Hue to Quang Tri Province in a procession that took place on July 12.

It was among the series of events to mark the 135th anniversary of his call to the people to stand up against the French colonialists and regain national independence.

The procession was held in accordance with imperial rituals of the Nguyen Dynasty and the tablet was installed in a temple at the Tan So Citadel, where the emperor made his call.

The procession also included memorial tablets of the then Minister of War Ton That Thuyet and of Nguyen Van Tuong, a high-ranking member of the Nguyen court.

Emperor Ham Nghi was born in 1871 as Nguyen Phuc Ung Lich and was made emperor in 1884 by Ton That Thuyet and Nguyen Van Tuong, who served as regents for the young emperor.

After the Hue Imperial Citadel lost to French forces on July 5, 1885, Thuyet and Tuong escorted Emperor Ham Nghi away from the imperial city and established a base in the Tan So Citadel.

From here the young patriotic emperor issued an edict, known as Can Vuong, calling on the people to rise up against the French.

Tan So Citadel was recognised a national historical site in 1995.