Top 10 highlights of tourism sector announced

Top 10 highlights of tourism sector announced

NDO – The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) on January 15 announced it’s list of the top 10 tourism activities and events in 2015. (Jan 16, 2016 14:40:46)


Top 10 Vietnamese sports events of 2015

  Jan 01, 2016 08:00:18
NDO – 2015 was an extremely animated year for Vietnamese sports with numerous proud achievements to cheer about, including the national contingent’s encouraging results at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and sparkling performances by athletes at international competitions. 

Ten major culture, sports and tourism events in 2015

  Dec 29, 2015 22:51:58
NDO/VNA – The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on December 29 announced the top 10 culture, sports and tourism events in 2015, which were voted on by 121 journalists representing media agencies across the country. 

Top nine fine arts and photography events in 2015 announced

  Dec 29, 2015 16:53:21
NDO – The Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition on December 28 listed the top nine fine arts and photography events in 2015. 

2015: Macroeconomic stability thanks to keeping inflation under control

  Dec 28, 2015 16:58:54
NDO – Vietnam’s consumer price index (CPI) in December increased 0.02% against the previous month and 0.6% compared to the same period last year, bringing the average CPI of 2015 up 0.63% against 2014, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO). This is the smallest increase over the past 14 years, equivalent to just one eighth of the inflation target set for the year (below 5%) by the National Assembly. 

New development for Vietnam’s economy in 2015

  Dec 24, 2015 17:10:19
NDO – 2015 has marked a new development step for Vietnam’s economy, with the outcomes achieved over the past years creating a solid foundation for the next five-year period towards greater and more sustainable growth. 

Top ten science and technology events in 2015

  Dec 24, 2015 11:49:04
NDO - The Science and Technology Journalists' Club has announced Vietnam's top 10 science and technology events in 2015. 

Capital's economy in 2015: more prosperous and stable

  Dec 22, 2015 16:40:23
NDO - The economy of Hanoi continued to thrive in 2015 with a Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) of US$27.6 billion, up 9.24% over 2014, and an average income per capita of around US$3,600, 1.8 times higher compared to 2010. 

Vietnam overcomes difficulties to maintain export growth

  Dec 20, 2015 15:06:33
NDO - The world economy’s fragile recovery in 2015 produced significant impacts on Vietnam’s export growth. Local enterprises were faced with pressures to cut prices due to inundated supplies of goods while overall demand on the global market remained weak. 

Vietnamese agriculture - from BTA to TPP

  Dec 19, 2015 19:05:38
NDO - Vietnam's joining in a series of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, including the BTA, WTO, EVFTA and TPP, has opened up great opportunities for the entire economy to integrate deeper into the world, particularly the agricultural sector - a pillar of the Vietnamese economy.  

Vietnamese cinema is making a comeback to win audiences’ hearts

  Dec 18, 2015 17:14:45
NDO – Vietnamese cinema has witnessed remarkable events and shifts in 2015 after a long time struggling to find a direction for its development. The shifts can be seen not only in the increase in the number of quality films but also through initial achievements from films making their debut worldwide. 

Encouraging signs seen from cultural integration and exchanges

  Dec 11, 2015 17:38:36
NDO – In 2015, the phrase “high arts” has been mentioned many times as an encouraging sign of the country’s performing arts. It can be said that 2015 has been a landmark year, bringing many world renowned artists and classic works featured on Vietnamese stages. 

New stance for Vietnam’s multilateral diplomacy

  Dec 10, 2015 11:49:51
NDO - 2015 is drawing to an end with many significant diplomatic achievements, especially in multilateral diplomacy. With such achievements, we can have a reliable belief in a stronger position for Vietnam’s multilateral diplomacy in the coming years. 

A look back at commercial banking system reform

  Dec 07, 2015 17:20:35
NDO - The last five years have seen considerable positive results in the restructuring of commercial banks. Nevertheless, the system of credit institutions still needs to be reinforced to make it more competitive in the next stage of development.