Forever shining – President Ho Chi Minh

Thursday, 2016-05-19 13:02:34
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President Ho Chi Minh in his office at the Viet Bac resistance base in 1951.
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NDO – With a great sense of pride and never-ending gratitude, today, the entire Party, people and armed forces celebrate the 126th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh – the great leader of the Vietnam revolution, the national liberation hero, and the world cultural celebrity.

His life and career is a shining epic of patriotism, urging generations of Vietnamese people to make advances in national construction and defence. He was a prominent thinker, a talented strategist, and an outstanding practical activist, who left a precious legacy – the Ho Chi Minh thought, a comprehensive and profound system of views about the basic elements of Vietnam's revolution. The system is forever a torch lighting the way for the nation to forge ahead with socialism.

Celebrating the beloved President’s 126th birthday after the country has implemented 30 years of Doi Moi (renovation) with significant achievements, we remember his merits made to bring prosperity to our nation and to our people.

With a burning desire to bring independence and freedom to the people of Vietnam, in the name of those who did not have enough food, clothing or access to education, at the age of 21 Uncle Ho had traveled all over the world to seek a way to salvage his country and people. He discovered Marxism-Leninism as a historical necessity and adopted the ideology in the process of national liberation, class liberation, and human liberation. To liberate the country, there was no other way but the proletarian revolutionary path, along with a revolutionary party to lead the nation. After his time abroad, Ho Chi Minh urgently prepared all necessary conditions for the introduction of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Thanks to the Party’s establishment and under the direction of President Ho Chi Minh, the nation united as one to overcome countless difficulties and witnessed the historic August Revolution in 1945, opening up a new era for the nation. After which, the nation was able to go onto successfully conduct two resistant wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists, and comprehensively implement the renovation towards the goal of a rich people, strong country and a fair, democratic and civilised society.

Due to those victories, Vietnam was transformed from a semi-feudal colony into an independent and free country, furthermore, the people rose up from slavery to stand as masters of the nation, the country progressed from poverty and backwardness into a new period of accelerated industrialisation and modernisation and strived to an increasingly improved position in the international arena.

The 79 springs devoted to the revolution, which wholeheartedly served the country and the people, as well as the name and work of President Ho Chi Minh will forever live with our mountains and rivers, as the enormous pride, inspiration, encouragement, and spiritual strength for peoples struggling for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress worldwide .

This year, we are celebrating the 126th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh whilst the country is striving to successfully implement the Resolution of the 12th Party National Congress and is actively preparing for the national election of deputies to the 14th National Assembly and all-level People's Councils for the 2016-2021 tenure. It is a heavy political responsibility, but also the right and obligation of each citizen.

Practically celebrating the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, the entire Party and every Vietnamese citizen continue to study and follow the President’s ideology, morals and lifestyle, vowing to be loyal to the nation and and resolute to the ideals of national independence associated with socialism.

Each individual should express their sentiments to Uncle Ho via great determination and creative actions to successfully realise the goals set by the 12th Party National Congress, while strengthening Party building work and improving the Party leadership capacity for a strong Party as well as a transparent political system; promoting the strength of socialist democracy and upholding comprehensive, synchronised national renovation process for rapid and sustainable economic development, striving to turn the nation into an industrial country towards modernisation.

With deep sentiment and gratitude to Uncle Ho, each Party member and cadre must be instilled with revolutionary morality, practicing integrity, honesty and righteousness to keep our Party clean, worthy of being the leader and the loyal servant to the people, as Uncle Ho constantly instructed.

The Party organisations, agencies, units and localities should ensure they fully grasp and implement Directive No. 5 of the Politburo on promoting the learning and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, morals and style, regarding it as an important task of Party building, while preserving the unity of the Party "as keeping the apple of one’s eye", building the great national unity bloc, and remaining close to the people, with them as the overall priority.

Each Party committee, official and member should voluntarily promote self-training according to Ho Chi Minh's ideologies, ethics, and style, against degradation of political ideology, ethics, and lifestyle, whilst resolutely fighting against bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, individualism, and common interests, to be deserving as servants of the people, and students of President Ho Chi Minh.

Out of love, great respect and gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, we vow to unite as one and build Vietnam into a prosperous nation, the country of the Ho Chi Minh era.

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