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Saturday, 2017-01-28 14:30:34
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General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong with staff and people from Ban Bo commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Photo: Tri Dung (VNA)
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NDO - With his great attention and affection to the Party’s newspaper, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has granted the newspaper an interview in the spring of Dinh Dau 2017 – the year of the Rooster, serving as a message to the whole Party, People and the Armed forces about the determination to build a strong, clean Party to continue leading the country towards reforms, international integration and sustainable development.

Q: Dear General Secretary, in 2016, our people gladly welcomed many important political events. Can you share with our readers the events that impressed you most?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: The year 2016 was the first year that we started the implementation of Resolutions of the Party’s 12th National Congress, and had achieved important initial results in various fields. For me, the most important impression was the success of the 12th National party Congress. This has also been confirmed by various cadres, Party members and People from all across our country. The Congress had completed all its set targets and agenda, including the review of the previous term, defining the objectives, approaches, tasks and solutions for the coming five years and the years beyond, and the full and quality election of members to the Party’s Central Committee for the new term. The success is attributed to the sound implementation of the Resolutions of the 11th Party Congress, which was an important prerequisite; the serious, united, democratic, principled and renewed ways of work by the 12th Party congress. Democracy has been significantly stepped up during the preparations and organisation of the Congress, especially with regard to human resources. This is a valuable lesson for Party building, now and for the future. Democracy brings unity, and makes the most out of the Party’s will and intellectuality, and democracy within the Party will result in democracy in the society. The success of the party creates new momentum for the country to embark on a new path to the future.

Another impression is the fulfilment of the leadership positions for the State right after the Party Congress, making it easy for the State apparatus to start the implementation of the Resolutions of the 12th Party Congress. There is no transitional “gap”, the state apparatus’ effectiveness and efficiency were ensured and smooth. State leaders being sworn-in at the National Assembly is another new development, representing their responsibilities toward the party and the people. After this process, there have been many new changes, innovations and creative approaches to the operation of the National Assembly, Government and high ranking officials, making them closer to the people and the reality, which have been appreciated by the Party members and people.

Last year’s reality confirmed the accuracy of those reforms. Despite challenges and hardships, leaders at different levels, from the central to the local levels, have exerted high responsibility, determination, and have brought new changes. The macro economy has been ensured, with major balances being maintained. Economic restructuring, attached to the reforms of the growth model, have brought about new initial achievements, while agricultural restructuring and rural development have been promoted. People’s spiritual and material lives have been improved, and almost all of the 84,000 families of devotees have received accommodation assistance. External relations and international integration have recorded various positive progresses. After the Congress, the people have been generally happy and confident in the Party’s leadership, and in the new State apparatus. Our Party and nation have never been in such high position in the international arena as today.

Q: The 4th Plenum of the 12th Party tenure issued a Resolution on the Party building and rectification, preventing degradation in political will and ethics, as well as signs of internal “self evolution” and “self transformation”. What are the new aspects of this resolution, compared to the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 11th Party tenure?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: The new aspects of this Resolution define in detail what has to be done, and systematically and comprehensively reflect the signs of degradation. This resolution spells out our nine signs of degradation of political ideology and nine signs of degradation in ethics, lifestyle, and nine signs of “self evolution” and “self transformation”. The resolution also stresses a new point, namely Party building in ethics together with following Ho Chi Minh’s ethics and lifestyle. The most worrying thing is fading of ideology, decreased determination to follow the path to socialism, reduced confidence, contradiction to the Party’s guidelines, and being selfish, opportunistic, practical, corrupt, localism, sectarian, and cold hearted toward people’s difficulties. The degradation in political ideology and lifestyle is a short cut to “self evolution” and “self transformation”, and may even lead to helping or collaborating with bad or hostile forces, to betray the Party and nation. Those serious signs have to be identified in full, so as to have proper solutions.

Fighting against degradation in political ideology, ethic and lifestyle, signs of “self evolution” and “self transformation” is a difficult process, but must be done, as it relates to the Party and regime’s fate. Our Party’s line is to resolutely and persistently follow this struggle, with high political will, great efforts, consistency at all levels and sectors, from the central to local. Each Party member and civil servant should be deeply aware of their responsibilities to the Party, nation, and do what can be done immediately, especially with regards to weaknesses, hot issues, and those that need clear solutions.

Q: General Secretary, there was high expectation at the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 11th Party tenure, but many of the works have not achieved the set target. Can you please share with us the reason?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: The implementation of the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 11th Party tenure has recorded important initial results, and helping to warn, alarm and prevent negative phenomena and degrade within the Party. In the 11th tenure, 73.897 Party members have been punished, including 11 members who are managed by the central committee, 754 managed by provincial authorities and the same level. In the case of Trinh Xuan Thanh, former vice chairman of Hau Giang province People’s Committee, seven civil servants were punished, including former employees. However, the achievements were not as good as we expected. Also, the three issues noted in the Resolution are difficult and there have been prolonged issues, spanning through several tenures, so there has to be time to solve them. At the same time, the idea of the Resolution is not to punish people, but to overcome weaknesses in Party building, in developing good human resources at the leadership level, especially at the central level, and reforming the Party’s leadership style. These urgent but fundamental tasks cannot be implemented overnight.

There are many obstacles and difficulties. But the major one relates to implementation which is not focused, harmonised or determined. Party organisations at different levels have failed to comprehend the issue, nor have they clarified the seriousness of the situation, or who was responsible. Some Party organisations or localities have loosened their management and supervision of the work to overcome shortcomings. The co-ordination of related authorities has been average.

Q: So, in this term, what should we do to prevent those shortcomings and to gradually curb degradation in the Party?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: First, Party building and rectification is a regular and long term task. Looking back on history, during the difficult time of 1936-1939, former General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu wrote a book on Self Criticism, published in 1939 under the pen name Tri Cuong. The aim was “to find failures and look for solutions to overcome those mistakes to move forward”, “Party criticism is for everyone to agree on ideology, to train ones’ self, to hail the Party and its influence, to make the Party stronger and the revolution more developed”. In October 1947, during the fight against the French colonialists, facing the revolution’s urgent challenges, the late President Ho Chi Minh wrote an article on Changing the way we work. The article touched upon many issues in Party building and rectification, focusing on personnel work, criticism and self-criticism, and to train the revolutionary ethics of cadres. These works still hold value today. For a strong Party, our Party has issued many special resolutions on this task, and this Resolution is a continuation of such work. All of the issues raised are difficult, they are abstract and remain within people’s mind, and they are difficult to measure. But with determination, we can do it, regardless of difficulties. We should not be too impatient, but should not hesitate or back down.

I think this Resolution is a Resolution for action. But for the right action, we need the right awareness. So first of all, all party cells and organisations and members should study and identify the risks of degradation, so as to raise their responsibility toward the Party, the country, the people and to themselves. Our people have always had trust in the Party, the people’s impatience is because they share the same concern. So why wouldn’t our cadres and Party members be concerned? We need to act, to rely on ourselves to clean up the Party, just like the way we brush our teeth every day. We need to call on the cadres and Party members ‘conscience and act as a model for others, especially at the management level; while carrying out inspection and supervision of the Resolution’s implementation. Party executive committees and organisations should review and implement the inspection and supervision mechanism, especially toward the execution of those with powers, because power has to go with responsibility; we need to define the personal and organisational responsibility and authority for each work, and should have punishment for violations. The leader should be the role model in training their political will, ethic and lifestyle, in leadership and management, especially over personnel issues.

With our 87 years of glorious tradition, with the political determination of the Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat, I believe that this Resolution will be a new step forward in Party building and rectification, to ward off degradation so that our Party will always deserve its leadership position and be the people’s pride.

Q: On the occasion of the spring of the Year of Rooster, what is your message to our cadres, armed forces and overseas Vietnamese?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: A New Year starts with the spring, and spring always bring about new vitality and confidence. I would like to wish our countrymen, armed forces, overseas Vietnamese a new year of happiness and new momentum so that we can go together on the path to reform, for a rich people, strong country, democracy, equality and civilisation.

Reporter: Thank you very much General Secretary. On the occasion of the New Year, the staff of Nhan Dan Newspaper would like to wish you good health, so that you, together with the Party, may lead the implementation of the Resolution to success, and to make our country an industrialised nation toward modernity.

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