Hello Spring of the Rooster

Friday, 2017-01-27 14:39:39
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NDO - Binh Than (the Year of the Monkey) has passed with many difficulties experienced in various parts of the country, including flooding in central Vietnam, diseases spreading among human and cattle, traffic accidents, social law and order, etc.

Meanwhile, economic growth has slowed down, there appear many complicated political and economic developments in the region and the world that affect Vietnam’s development, and which are a cause of distraction to a number of civil servants, party members, and the people.

In such challenges, our patriotism, nationalism and determination thrives. By our internal strength, with strong will and innovation, with the tradition of caring for each other, we soon recovered from the consequences of floods and storms, ensuring lives for the people in areas affected by natural disasters, helping them to restore lives and production. Thanks to the close cooperation between different agencies and ministries, between the central and local level governments, the whole country has joined efforts to ensure macro economy, curb inflation, maintain safety nets and take care of policy beneficiaries, especially among vulnerable groups.

In external relations, amid the backdrop of powerful countries competing and cooperating for national interests, we have been able to keep our external relations balanced, with all innovative ways to make use of support from friends and countries, maintaining our country’s interests and sovereignty while reaming vigilant to counteract the plots of hostile forces, and strengthening our defense and security.

The new spring is disseminating its vitality to every households and communities, creating a momentum for patriotism to bring about changes to economic development, to the fight against corruption, wastefulness, red tape, and turning difficulties into advantages and strength, for the construction and development of our beloved socialist Vietnam state.

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