Hanoi records prominent achievements in 2017

Sunday, 2017-12-31 13:14:10
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Foreign tourists visit Hanoi’s Temple of Literature.
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NDO – The year 2017 has seen Hanoi achieve significant results on all of its political, economic, social and cultural affairs. Among them, the capital city has selected ten major events of the year as followed:

1. Summing up the five year implementation of the 11th Politburo’s Resolution No. 11-NQ/TW on the direction and tasks for the capital city’s development during the 2011-2020 period.

Hanoi has strengthened its efforts to realise the Party’s policies and has achieved outstanding results, with considerably high economic growth, 1.5 times higher than the national average, and the average GRDP in 2016 was 1.7 times higher than in 2011.

2. Actively implementing Resolution No. 39 of the Politburo and the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee's 6th plenum on streamlining organisation restructure and staff at public agencies.

In 2017, the city has completed the streamlining of organisational structure for 22 departments and equivalent units, as well as for specialised offices in 30 districts and towns. It reduced the number of public service units under the management of the city, district and townships’ agencies from 401 units to 280 units (down 30.2%). It also completely downsized 70 management boards for construction investment projects into 41 management boards (down 41.4%), along with streamlining 1,267 personnel positions. The adjusted agencies and units are operating effectively.

3. Completing all 20 socio-economic development targets in 2017, of which seven targets exceeding the set plan.

In 2017, Hanoi fulfilled all 20 set targets of socio-economic development, of which seven targets exceeding the set plan, with gross domestic product increased by 7.3%, the highest in seven years; exports reached US$11.8 billion, up 10.3%; value added services up 8.7%; and a total State budget revenue estimated at VND208 trillion, surpassing 1.6% the set revenue collection and up by 16% compared to 2016.

4. Tourism flourishing, standing in the top ten fastest growing tourist cities in the world.

For the whole year 2017, Hanoi is expected to welcome 23.83 million tourists (up 9%), of which international tourists reaching 4.95 million (up 23%), total revenue from tourists estimated at VND70.96 trillion, up 15% compared to 2016. Hanoi is ranked by several world's leading travel magazines among 20 tourist destinations, the top ten fast-growing tourism cities and one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

5. Making breakthrough in administrative reform and improvement in investment environment and startup ecosystem development.

The implementation of the "Year of Administrative Discipline" policy in association with the two codes of conduct by local officials and civil servants has resulted in significant improvements, as the city’s Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) rose six places, ranking third among localities across the nation and Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) climbed ten levels. The city has implemented a range of solutions in order to support startup activities to maintain its position as an attractive destination for investors, attracting FDI worth VND3.435 billion.

6. Taking the lead on the implementation of the modern rural area construction campaign and poverty reduction.

In 2017, an additional 30 communes and two districts have been recognised as meeting new rural area construction standards, bringing the total number of standard-reaching communes up to 285 (accounting for 73.8%) and districts meeting new rural standards at four. The city has implemented multi-dimensional poverty reduction policies and solutions, resulting in the 0.68% decrease in the poverty rate by the end of 2017 compared to 2016 (poverty rate in 2017 at 1.69%, according to the city’s poverty line).

7. Providing support for housing construction and repair for policy beneficiaries.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Wounded and Fallen Soldiers Day (July 27, 1947-2017), the city has mobilised VND68.13 billion for the Gratitude Fund; donated 9, 163 saving books worth VND12.46 billion; and presented 481,824 gifts worth VND199.2 billion to national contributors in the capital city. Hanoi has also invested VND194.9 billion to upgrade 269 works dedicated to the fallen soldiers and provided financial support worth VND955 billion to build and repair 8,211 houses for those with momentous service to the national revolution.

8. Paying attention to education-training and physical training-sports with positive results in all aspects.

In 2017, Hanoi has 108 additional schools meeting national standards, bringing the total number of public schools that are meeting the standards up to 1,313, accounting for 61%. Hanoi continues to lead the country in the national contests for excellent students in both quality and quantity with 146 prizes (including 11 first prizes). In international and regional Olympiads, Hanoi students won 138 medals. Regarding sports, Hanoi athletes won 2,063 medals of all kinds. Particularly, in Seagames 29 in Malaysia last August, 107 athletes from Hanoi delegation won 50 medals, representing 30% of the total medal of the entire Vietnam sports delegation at the largest regional competition.

9. Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the historic resounding victory "Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the Air" campaign with meaningful activities, helping nurture the patriotism and education of national traditions.

10. Hanoi Encyclopaedia enters its second stage, featuring the Hanoi’s administrative boundary expansion in 2008.

The second period of Hanoi Encyclopaedia was compiled, derived from practical requirements for Hanoi’s development since the expansion of its administrative boundaries on August 1, 2008. This is a multi-sectoral research paper and a precious archival resource on the people, nature and society of the extended Hanoi region, including the former Ha Tay province, former Me Linh district of Vinh Phuc province and four communes of Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. The set consists of 14 volumes, with a length of about 6,000 pages.

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