DPRK's official newspaper gives special coverage to inter-Korean summit

Saturday, 2018-04-28 19:31:13
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The Rodong Sinmun of DPRK's Workers' Party gives extensive coverage of Friday's inter-Korean summit.
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The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s Workers' Party, gave extensive coverage of Friday (April 27)'s inter-Korean summit, carrying as many as 61 photos of the Republic of Korea (RoK) President Moon Jae-in meeting with the DPRK's leader Kim Jong-un at the border peace village of Panmunjom.

In an unusual move, the daily newspaper published in Pyongyang filled four of its Saturday edition's six pages with news and photos related to the summit talks. It carried detailed reports of the entire summit outcomes, along with 61 photos.

On the top of the front page, the paper ran a photo of Moon and Kim shaking hands across the Military Demarcation Line at Panmunjom, saying Kim crossed the division line of the peace village to hold inter-Korean summit talks.

The Rodong Sinmun then filled the rest of the front page with various photos of the leaders inspecting RoK's honor guard at the welcome ceremony and being greeted by accompanying officials from both sides. It said in a separate front-page story that Kim was warmly welcomed by Moon.

On the second page, the paper featured photos of the leaders jointly planting a commemorative tree and having a private conversation without the presence of an entourage at the Foot Bridge.

It carried the full text of the so-called Panmunjom Declaration on the third page, along with a photo of Moon and Kim hugging each other after signing the summit agreement. Noticeably, the two Koreas' agreement to push for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was also included in the full text.

The newspaper's fourth page featured stories and photos of the two leaders and their wives attending the dinner at Panmunjom and saying goodbye to each other.

Regarding the dinner, the newspaper said the RoK side prepared various meaningful foods and the DPRK served cold noodles from Okryugwan, a famous restaurant in Pyongyang.

The DPRK's state television broadcast about 30 minutes of footage from the summit, including Kim shaking hands with Moon, the welcoming ceremony and the two leaders planting a tree.

A news presenter for the DPRK's Korean Central Television, Lee Chun-hee, read the declaration, including the term "complete denuclearization."

The footage also included Friday's dinner banquet, which was attended by the first ladies of both countries.

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