Hanoi in changing season

Friday, 2018-10-26 07:09:41
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Hanoi in the new season always has its own charm.
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NDO – Hanoi on the verge of the new season always has its own charm, with foliage full of colours and lakes dim in the early morning fog.

The city is waking up early because of the slow wheel turns from venders’ bikes and footsteps jogging on the roads. The city goes to sleep late, as people seem to hang out around the city in the night to enjoy the most favourable and cool weather of the year.

Walking around the Sword Lake, or Thien Quang Lake, it is easy to enjoy the fragrance of milky flowers that can help console daily worries.

The streets shaded by old trees, like Hoang Dieu and Phan Dinh Phung, are often busy every weekend, as photo lovers gather there, waiting patiently to capture the most beautiful moment of the day, when the first ray of sunshine through the foliage shimmers in the frame of colourful leaves. Youngsters, seniors and couples are not afraid to carry along clothes and dresses in various colours to take beautiful photos in the moment of the changing season.

Shady streets turn attractive in the changing season.

It may not be wrong when someone says that not going out these days is making a mistake in the Hanoi autumn. You should often wake up earlier and flock to the street sooner, then choose a corner to enjoy the season changing moment; all makes a very strange sensation.

Hanoi is characterised by seasonal elements. A packet of green com (young sticky rice flakes) or several red persimmons is also a great reminder of old memories. At this time every year, my friend from far away always thanks me for taking several pictures of Hanoi. The photos are simple but wrap the whole space of Hanoi in nostalgia.

West Lake this season is always crowded, since the white fog fully covers the surface of the lake, to the time that bright yellow carpet of sunrise appears, and then when the sun is setting in the sky behind the towering buildings, until late at night. The small roads around the lake are always attractive to people of all ages, especially youngsters. They want to stay away a little bit from the noisy inner city, and far away from the artificial lights to come here to enjoy the full air of the gentle autumn night on the windy lake shore.

Hanoians love their city, but people from other locales also love this city as it does not belong to anyone. A girl in the South has wished to visit Hanoi in autumn. Hanoi’s fall in her imagination is beautiful and romantic through the narrative of her grandmother - a female Hanoian who got married and lives far away from the homeland.

Hanoi on the verge of the new season is always attractive to photo lovers.

Travellers from far come here to feel the typical Hanoi-characterised love, as well as expressing their affection with this place in many ways. Grateful to a foreign guy, coming to Hanoi, loving this city and becoming a volunteer protecting the environment! He has joined local young people to clean garbage around Hoan Kiem lake. After the night celebrating the Mid-autumn festival, he collected 300 kg of garbage just after a walk around the lake’s walking space made each of us have to ponder and question ourselves with a little shame.

Lovely Hanoi is still the same for many years, and always makes us proud. In the modern life, Hanoi needs and deserves to become more beautiful, not only in each season of the year but also in every person and in every constructive act, to make Hanoi in the eyes of travellers a true destination for peace, elegance and love.