Concern about double crisis

Concern about double crisis

NDO - The stagnant and unpredictable Brexit process (the UK leaving the European Union - EU) is negatively affecting the UK and other European countries. Analysts are concerned about the risk of the double crisis both in the economy and politics in the UK in the coming time. (Aug 16, 2019 17:08:41)


African efforts for integration and development

  Aug 07, 2019 17:20:21
NDO - The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum has recently concluded in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Co-hosted by the US and Côte d’Ivoire, the event brought together a number of senior government officials from the US and the 39 AGOA-eligible sub-Saharan African countries to discuss ways to boost economic cooperation and trade between the US and Africa.  

Three major challenges to the world’s economies

  Jul 23, 2019 17:26:07
NDO – The escalating trade war, US-Iran tensions showing no signs of cooling down, and the constantly existing risk of financial uncertainty are the three major challenges to economies around the world at the moment. 

Putting alliance relations back on track

  Jul 22, 2019 16:43:38
NDO - Reinstalling the Pakistan-US alliance relations, abolishing any suspicion and promoting essential cooperation is the main objective of Pakistani Prime Minister I. Khan's first visit to the US from July 21. With binding interests and the need for mutual support, both Islamabad and Washington have a reason to “renew” their cooperation projects that have come across many difficulties in recent years.  

A step forward

  Jul 19, 2019 17:29:16
NDO - After reconciliation efforts, the United Nations (UN) announced that Yemen's warring parties have agreed to new measures to enforce a ceasefire and facilitate a troop pullback from the flashpoint port of Hodeidah. This is a step on a long road to open the door for negotiation. 

Turkey purchases Russia’s S-400 defence system, a controversial deal

  Jul 16, 2019 18:07:35
NDO – Turkey officially received shipments of parts in its contract to buy Russia’s S-400 air defence system, regardless of strong opposition from the United States and allies, an unprecedented move by a NATO member nation. 

Containing the fire of conflict

  Jul 15, 2019 16:18:22
NDO - With the US House of Representatives adoption of a defence-policy bill aiming at limiting President Donald Trump's use of force against Iran, the fire of conflict which might lead to a military confrontation between the US and Iran have been initially contained. In the context that the US and its allies have intensified the deployment of warships to the Gulf, the international community is hoping for diplomatic efforts to ease tensions. 

Signs of increasing instability

  Jul 10, 2019 11:49:07
NDO - The US Federal Reserve (the Fed) has warned that economic instability with the US and the world has increased in recent months. Accordingly, the Fed will act in an appropriate manner to maintain the growth of the economy. Meanwhile, according to some analysts, central banks of the US and China may soon cut interest rates, which might lead to a “race” to lower interest rates of central banks. 

Unsolved problem

  Jul 08, 2019 14:17:48
NDO - Although leaders of the US and Turkey have promoted diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions in the relations between the two allies, the two sides still insist on their own interests. The US refusal to deliver F-35 fighter jets to Turkey due to the fact that Ankara continued to acquire the Russian S-400 missile defence system has deeply damaged the US-Turkish relations. 

Enhancing intra-bloc solidarity, a top priority for next-term EU leaders

  Jul 05, 2019 16:06:13
NDO – After many differences, member states of the “European common roof” have eventually selected suitable faces for the “leadership framework” of the European Union (EU) for the next term. However, huge challenges are awaiting the new board of EU leaders in order to stabilise the situation and tighten intra-bloc solidarity. 

Stormy transatlantic relationship

  Jul 03, 2019 15:10:09
NDO - The transatlantic relationship between the US and the European Union (EU) is facing many challenges in the context of increasing trade disagreement. Meanwhile, the two sides also have many disagreements regarding Iran’s nuclear issue. 

Tripartite meeting expected to help remove “detonator” for Middle East crises

  Jun 29, 2019 17:15:44
NDO – National security advisers of the United States, Russia and Israel recently convened for a meeting in Jerusalem to discuss regional issues, with a focus on the situations in Iran and Syria. During the first-ever tripartite security conference, Russia, the US and Israel, whose security interests are closely associated with outstanding issues in the Middle East, could make proposals aimed at reducing tensions and removing the “detonator” for regional crises. 

General expectations

  Jun 28, 2019 15:41:42
NDO - Leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) big economies, together with important guests and international organisations, arrived in Osaka, Japan, for a summit on June 28. The summit is expected to contribute to affirming the importance of free and fair trade, as well as the promotion of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) reform process. 

Core issue

  Jun 27, 2019 15:13:55
NDO - The administration of the US President Donald Trump has officially kicked off the economic part of the new Middle East peace plan with a hope to attract the participation and contributions from Arab countries and allies. The political part of the plan is still a mystery. However, the Palestinians strongly opposed this ambitious plan, insisting on the two-state solution, the core issue in the Middle East peace process. 

Lack of trust

  Jun 25, 2019 16:49:06
NDO - The first sketches of the new Middle East Peace Plan, which the US has long praised as a “deal of the century”, will be revealed at an international economic conference to be held in the capital of Bahrain on June 25-26. However, the absence of the “main player”, Palestine, seemed to undermine the extent of the event in Manama as well as the ambitious scheme of Washington.