A thrilling race

Thursday, 2020-09-17 17:37:23
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NDO – The race for the White House is becoming tense as President D. Trump has pushed for new directions and gradually regained a balance of voters’ support, in the context of former Vice President J. Biden having led over the past few months.

Assessing the possibility of the re-election of President Trump, Le Point newspaper (France) said that, at first, the current US President D. Trump, the Republican candidate seemed to be at a disadvantage as national polls showed that the Democratic candidate wass still ahead.

However, many analysts believe that, in fact, the advantage is gradually tilting towards President Trump as his achievements since his commitments made to US voters are widely acknowledged, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its serious consequences for the US economy.

In economic terms, the administration of President Trump had achieved remarkable achievements before the COVID-19 pandemic. At the present time, despite the economic difficulties and impact of the epidemic still being very great, the situation is gradually turning in favour of the current President.

The US job market and the economy as a whole have seen some improvements in recent weeks, considered good news for his re-election campaign. A report from the US Department of Labour showed that the number of new jobs - a measure of labour demand - jumped to 6.6 million in July, almost back to pre-crisis levels. Inflation has stabilised, eliminating concerns about deflation slowing growth.

This year’s US election season is considered an unusual one due to the decline in crowded events and massive campaigns due to the pandemic. Both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have sought to attract voters via non-traditional forms such as online events, email, social media, etc.

In recent weeks, in spite of the epidemic, President Trump still organised rallies in some states such as Arizona and Michigan. Meanwhile, former VP J. Biden has been trying to propagate his campaign message in “must-win” states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
In addition to economic, security and social issues, climate change is becoming a hot topic as candidates from both parties address the issue in the context of severe forest fire cases spreading across the West Coast region of the US.

The US presidential election is always considered an unpredictable race with unexpected factors, especially in the context of a pandemic changing current rules as well as other unprecedented developments.