Commitments to emission reduction – An inevitable trend

Commitments to emission reduction – An inevitable trend

NDO – Taking place on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Climate Ambition Summit 2020, convened by the United Nations (UN) on December 12, offered an opportunity for the world to review the results of implementing the agreement and set out specific goals and effective plans to reduce emissions. (Dec 14, 2020 16:28:02)


A shared strategic vision

  Dec 04, 2020 18:02:52
NDO – The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the European Union (EU) have officially upgraded their relations from “dialogue” to “strategic partnership”. This strategic decision reflects a shared vision of the two most successful regional organisations nowadays, building a cohesive and comprehensive partnership, as well as sharing in common values and benefits.  

Encouraging the multilateral process

  Nov 19, 2020 17:12:14
NDO – International media and public opinion continue to add positive comments on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) ,just signed by ASEAN and its partners. The member countries believe that the RCEP will promote economic integration in the Asian-Pacific region, while other countries see the world's best free trade pact as a “wake-up call”, encouraging the multilateral trade process which still remains stagnant. 

Expectations from RCEP

  Nov 16, 2020 17:27:45
NDO – The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was in the spotlight at the 37th ASEAN Summit which was virtually hosted by Vietnam from November 12-15, according to Singapore’s The Strait Times.  

Huge chance for ASEAN amid digital economic era

  Nov 16, 2020 08:52:20
NDO – Despite the complex developments of COVID-19, ASEAN and its clear advantages is now seeing a huge opportunity for sustainable digital economic development. 

Efforts accelerated to materialise emission reduction goals

  Nov 12, 2020 11:35:06
NDO – The Green Horizon Summit and the ongoing “Race to Zero Dialogues” campaign have kick-started global efforts towards the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

A new victory for the left in Bolivia

  Nov 10, 2020 17:25:09
NDO – Bolivia’s president-elect, Luis Arce has been officially sworn in to office, marking the return to power of the left-wing political party Movement Toward Socialism (MAS). The MAS victory is expected to promote national solidarity, bring stability to Bolivia, and continue to encourage progressive mass movements in Latin America. 

Healing divisions and uniting people, a priority for new US leader

  Nov 09, 2020 15:15:51
NDO – Democratic candidate Joe Biden has finished first in the nail-biting race to the White House. Although there still remain conflict, even legal arguments regarding the ballots, Biden has declared himself ready to take the helm and guide the US through the storm, in accordance with his election commitment of “Build Back Better”. 

Encouraging progress in Libyan situation

  Nov 08, 2020 13:16:43
NDO – The situation in Libya has seen encouraging progress as rival factions are set to participate in their first face-to-face talks inside the country. 

An uncertain outlook

  Nov 06, 2020 16:31:18
NDO – The world economy has witnessed its first positive signs, but confidence in a V-shaped recovery has declined alongside a slow recovery in many economies. The US and European Union (EU) have both experienced a period of economic recovery not exactly as expected and countries are still struggling with the design of bailout packages, considered “painkillers” for economies devastated by the pandemic.  

US general elections: Choosing the colour to win

  Nov 03, 2020 10:20:38
NDO – Whether the victory will be for red (Republican Party) or blue (Democratic Party) will be decided by US voters in the country’s general election, officially taking place on November 3. 

Green transition

  Nov 01, 2020 13:36:40
NDO – Climate change has been posing a serious threat to global economic growth, causing unpredictable consequences. The “cries for help” from the Arctic where a record amount of ice has melted, and the increasing severe weather phenomena causing wildfires and terrible floods are urging humanity to take urgent action to cope with climate change. 

An "emergency medicine"

  Oct 27, 2020 16:09:14
NDO – President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde has emphasised the need for Europe to promptly implement its EUR750 billion recovery fund in the context of regional economies facing numerous difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A difficult problem

  Oct 21, 2020 17:34:09
NDO – The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its partners (known as OPEC+) have pledged to act to support the “black gold” market amid growing concerns about the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic along with a plan to increase production next year, a move which will put pressure on oil prices. Efforts in balancing supply and demand to stabilise the oil market and support the economy are the current priorities of the oil giants. 

Preventing global economic downturn

  Oct 15, 2020 17:30:52
NDO – The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on the growth of the world economy. In many areas, although the reality is not as severe as originally warned, the slow recovery has forced countries to work harder in their efforts to overcome the current crisis.