Palang Pracharath party wins more votes but Pheu Thai party gets more MP seats: Thai election commission

Thursday, 2019-03-28 20:49:18
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Thai voters prepare to vote at a polling station in Bangkok, Thailand, March 24, 2019. (Photo: Xinhua)
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Palang Pracharath party won most votes in Sunday (March 24)'s election, but Pheu Thai party won most MP seats, according to the Thai Election Commission (EC).

The EC announced on March 28 that it has finished counting raw votes from all polling units nationwide and that Palang Pracharath secured 8.43 million votes, followed by Pheu Thai party's 7.92 million votes and Future Forward party's 6.26 million votes.

Besides, Democrat Party won 3.94 million votes and Bhumjaithai party gained 3.73 million votes.

Though Palang Pracharath won most raw votes, Pheu Thai party won most MP seats among all contestant parties, accounting for 137 MP seats or over out of a total of 500, followed by some 118 MP seats for Palang Pracharath, 88 MP seats for Future Forward and 50-plus MP seats for Democrats and Bhumjaithai each.

Winning the most MP seats in individual constituency mode, Pheu Thai gained none in party-listed mode.

The number of MP seats for the top five parties might be eventually increased or reduced, pending calculations on party-listed basis by the polling agency.