United Nations supports Venezuelan government

Thursday, 2019-06-13 08:39:17
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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (L) and Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino shake hands during a meeting with military commanders, in Caracas, on June 3. (Photo: Reuters)
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NDO – The Venezuelan Government and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) have signed three component agreements on a project to plant 2.2 million trees in the South American country.

The project is considered an acknowledgment by the UN’s practical action to the constitutionality of President Nicolas Maduro administration in the context of both domestic and foreign controversies.

* Venezuelan officials have informed that 17 people have been arrested and charged in a coup attempt in the South American nation last April. The Venezuela's Prosecutor General has said that local authorities are investigating 34 subjects, including 17 who have been arrested and accused of having "attempted a coup d'etat."

* On June 11, Venezuelan officials warned of Colombia regarding the construction of a war weapons factory on the border between the two countries, saying that Caracas needs to be alert to this action after Bogota's threat of a military intervention in the bordering area with Venezuela. Constituent National Assembly (ANC)’s member J. Chavez pointed out that the factory is a joint venture between the UK and Israel, funded by the US Government.

* On June 11, US President Donald Trump said he was considering the possibility of allowing asylum or temporary protected status for Venezuelans who fled to the US amid political turmoil. This statement is said to increase tensions between US-Venezuela relations, Venezuelan officials are strengthening tight control of the bordering territory to prevent a possible coup.